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Month: November 2016

What Makes a Good Search Engine?

barreWhat Makes a Good Search Engine?

Having been in the search engine business for more than 10 years, we can safely say that we know certain stuff that makes a good search engine. Nonetheless, we are still unable to compete with the bigger giants like Google and Yahoo, for we definitely do not have the resources nor do we have a team which as big as theirs. But our search engine is still thriving and do get a lot of people coming back for the 2nd time, so we are definitely doing something right. And we would thus like to share some things on what we think makes a good search engine.

Very relevant results

Definitely, the site that is returned from the query search should be something that is relevant to the query itself. The best search engine would be able to guess the correct intention based on the terms and phrases used and then adjust itself accordingly. If the person only needs to click on one site to find his answer, then it means that the search engine has already won the battle. It is sometimes quite amazing when you think of the algorithm behind it that is making all of this work.

Non-intrusive ads

There are certain search engines that bombard you with paid ads once your query is returned. We at Biglotron is definitely not like that so you can be assured that you will have a peace of mind when using our search engine. But since we do not advocate paid ads, please do consider making a donation to us if you do like our search engine because we still do need donations for our server costs and staff costs in order to keep this search engine running.

Other products and services

If you have many other products and services, then people might have more chances to get back to you as they might be interested in something else which you are doing instead of the one you recommended. It is important that these products and services have something to do with the person searching so that there is a higher chance to close them for the sale.